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Eight Features of a Successful Website 

Design a logo

What is a logotype? It is one of the main features of you website. It differentiates you from your Internet competitors. It’s the first thing you target customer will remember. Your logo should be everywhere – at your website, in your business cards, etc. It ensures that your company from all the others.

Design creative website

First impression is of high importance, that’s why a website should be creative. Do you read this text, because you have a lot of free time or because you are interested in? The same with your website customers – they should be interested in!

Check literacy

There should be no technical or grammatical mistakes, as discovered by target customers they form negative image of the company website and the company itself. Mistakes prove performers illiteracy, incompetence and a facetious treatment of a serious subject.

Place website at fast hosting

One of the most important factors of website design and functioning is its downloading speed, which depends on hosting. Slower a website downloading, less are the chances that customer will stay and wait, and not leave to browse a competitor website.

Elaborate Slogan

Slogan carries information of what YOUR customers want, and they should know it. This phrase should convince them that you are not better comparing to the others, but that you are the only one. Successful slogan elaboration will transfer your website from one of category to a successful one.

Post customer-oriented texts

Companies always know their target customers better, that’s why texts written by the company staff are always more interesting to read for their customers, that texts written by the website designers.

Take high quality images

Images quality predefines customers’ perception of the goods you offer them. The better quality of images is, better perception your target customer will have about the goods.

Multilanguage website design

Nowadays, companies are eager to enter new markets; they take part in international exhibitions, sign contracts with foreign partners. Consequently, their websites are browsed by foreigners as well. Thus, website available in several languages readable both by Russian and foreign partners is of such importance.

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