Facade,              manufacture
     and installation

Faceless buildings conquer cities . They sprout like mushrooms after the summer rains.

Rubber           covering

This website belongs to the company that manufactures and installs rubber floor covering.

Professional         polish and paint

Your furniture looks out of date? You are an antiquarian or own a furniture manufacturing? This website is for you then! A big Russian company updated its website with our help.

Vending      equipment and
   vending machine

Would you like a cup of coffee? Design a website! The main topic is sale of coffee vending machines and various ingredients.


Are there any fans of heavy metal here? No, this website is not devoted to hard rock, its topic is rolled metal and other metal hardware

Eight Features of a Successful Website.

Why one company will charge you 300 000 rubles for design of website, enterprise portal or on-line shop, and another one – only 10 000? What is the right way to estimate costs of your prospective website and to choose its designer? Which professional studio will design a Successful Website for you?
The First thing a customer should understand is that price of a website always depends on expenses spent for its design. It’s true for both – 10000 rubles website and 300000 rubles one.
The Second – quality website design is not a one-day task, as it requires plenty of ideas and trials!
The Third, companies portfolio will show their level of professionalism!

What is vital for efficient website design? What criteria are important to choose web design studio in Moscow? What should you pay your attention to while choosing? Why turnkey approach to website design is more efficient?

These questions along with many others are essential for management, who want to make a name for their companies via the Internet, to beat its competitors and enhance the number of customers.

Target customer browsing the website of a company evaluates it on the basis of a number of factors inspiring decision making on cooperation. Total of these factors like a point total – more points a studio gets, more chances that it will sidestep its rivals in the constant battle for customers.


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